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Privacy Policy


Pythonista is an integrated development and learning environment for writing and executing (interpreting) Python™ scripts on iOS. It is aimed at students, hobbyists, and everyone who would like to explore coding in a friendly and safe environment.

Using the Pythonista app does not require any kind of account or login, and the app does not track you, or “phone home” in any way. None of Pythonista’s own functionality even requires an Internet connection.

This privacy policy applies to the native iOS app itself, its embedded frameworks and app extensions, and all included sample code, but obviously not to scripts that you, the user, write yourself. Especially when communicating with remote APIs, please be aware that other terms (of the API service provider) may apply. The same is true when using system services like iCloud (more on that below).

Please note that you should never execute scripts in Pythonista that you either have not written yourself, or that are from a source/person you don’t fully trust. It is currently technically not possible to restrict access to data that may be considered private on the basis of individual scripts (though you can always disallow access altogether, using the iOS system privacy controls). We generally cannot take any responsibility for scripts that have been written by third parties.

Pythonista is generally not designed to be a “platform” that you run arbitrary (downloaded) code on, but rather as a learning and exploration environment for your own programs.

What Data Does Pythonista Collect?

In summary, Pythonista does not collect any data from you.

Pythonista does not use any kind of user tracking technology, analytics, or cookies either, though we do receive aggregated (fully anonymized) usage reports from Apple, based on your general iOS privacy settings (i.e. whether you opted into sharing crash reports and analytics with app developers during the initial iOS setup).

When using certain iOS system features in your scripts, you may be prompted by the system to allow access to personal data (e.g. location/GPS, address book, reminders, photos etc.). This is always done in response to some action that you initiated (usually through a Python script, or by importing a photo or file to Pythonista), and that data is never collected in any way – it remains on your device.

You optionally have the possibility to store your Pythonista files (scripts) in iCloud Drive. These files are stored in an isolated container, and Pythonista does not have access to other parts of your iCloud Drive storage, except when you explicitly allow this through the system-provided file picker.

iCloud data is obviously transferred to Apple-operated servers, but Pythonista does not have any direct control over that process, and any data you store with iCloud is subject to Apple’s general privacy policies (c.f.

The same applies to other Apple-provided system services, like the iCloud Photo Library, or contacts synced through iCloud, when using those features from Pythonista.

When you use features like “Upload to GitHub” from the share sheet, those services are usually provided by other first- or third-party apps, and their respective privacy policies apply to any content that you share outside of Pythonista.

The Community Forum

If you make use of the community forum associated with Pythonista and our other apps, we need to collect an email address from you, in order to facilitate logging in and posting content under your chosen username. Your email address is only used for the purpose of operating the community forum, never to send you promotional newsletters or other marketing. If you wish to delete your account or other data, you can do so yourself through the forum’s web interface, or by sending a short email to

To make your use of the forum more convenient, we store cookies on your device in order to keep you logged in. We also store data about which posts you’ve read, so that you can continue reading where you left off. This data is never shared with any third party. We may also occasionally collect aggregated and non-personal user data, like your browser version or operating system, to optimize the forum’s user experience.


If you have any further questions on how Pythonista treats your data, please feel free to reach out via email:

Last updated: Dec. 5, 2018